Industrial PTFE Coated & Silicone Coated High Performance Materials

E790-Series Braided Para-aramid Draw Cord

W.F. Lake Corp. manufactures it’s Braided PTFE coated para-aramid Draw Cord for service in demanding environments including spray shield safety covers, heated flange/valve covers, cryogenic gaskets and seals, and tying wire harnesses among others.

W.F. Lake Corp. manufactures it’s braided draw cords with customer requirements in mind.

We use only first quality aramid yarns as input into our braiders ensuring full traceability and first rate quality! In addition, we offer an almost limitless variety of colors and tracer runs to identify product applications or to differentiate your high quality product from others in your field.

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• High Temperature Resistance
• High Strength
• Uniform PTFE Coating
• Finest Glass Fiber Available
• Excellent Flexibility


• Chemical Resistance
• Minimal Buildup of Contaminants
• Good Sewability
• Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance
• Flexibility
• Minimal strip-back and untwisting


• High Temperature
• Braiding Solid Color Insulation Over Wire
• Tracers/Markers for high temperature wire/cable
• Braided Lacing Tapes
• Braided Tie Cords
• Wrapping Coils
• Serving on Magnet Wire
• Strength Members for Cable
• Filler Cord for Round Cable
• Reinforcing High Temp Hose