Industrial PTFE Coated & Silicone Coated High Performance Materials

We manufacture our high performance coated/bonded threads using the latest fiber and coating technology available, much of it developed in-house. In addition to standard products, we’re always developing something new!

We manufacture a wide variety of high temperature threads for sewing applications including: Flu-glass filtration bags, filter media, flange covers, heat shields, insulation jackets, belting, and more!

While we offer quite a few standard products, we are constantly developing new threads in response to unique applications. By combining our in house capabilities, we can produce short or long runs of unique products, including twisting SS wire with fiberglass or Para-Aramid threads, coating with PTFE and lubricating with high speed synthetic lubricants.

Additional helpful resources include our Sewing Tips for Fiberglass Sewing Thread and Operating Temperatures of our Sewing Threads.