Our Capabilities

*Dispersion Coating (Yarns, Fabrics, Threads, Tapes, Cord, etc…)




*Adhesive Coating



*Heat Sealing

Since our founding in 1991, W.F. Lake Corp. has pursued sensible, sustainable growth and has developed a broad range of unique capabilities. As we continue to grow, our plant and equipment capabilities constantly evolve in response to specific customer needs and broader market opportunities.

We apply these capabilities to a wide variety of high performance products based on PTFE and other high temperature fluoropolymer technologies to manufacture industrial fibers, yarns, threads, belts, fabrics and tapes.  Our products include composites of fiberglass, S-2 glass, quartz fiber, aramid fiber, carbon fiber, inconel wire and other materials designed to operate in extreme environments where their unique properties provide engineered solutions to your most demanding applications.

By combining our wide range of in-house capabilities, we are able to offer our customers creatively engineered products custom made to agreed upon specifications… and we’re committed to shipping product on-time at competitive prices!

Give us a call with your unique processing requirements. We stand ready to share our many years and variety of experience with you to provide the product you need.