ASTM International

D4030 / D4030M     Continuous Filament Glass Sewing Threads

  • B-4            BC-4
  • B-6            BC-6
  • B-8            BC-8
  • T-12          DE-4
  • T-18          DE-6
  • T-24          DE-8
  • E-12         R753-12
  • E-18         R753-18
  • E-24         R753-24 *

C1695 / (Replaces C1094-01)

Standard Specification for Fabrication of Flexible Removable and Reusable Blanket Insulation for Hot Service

  • Glass Fiber Sewing Thread            R753-24 *

*Also meets ASTM D4030 & MIL-C-20079, Type III, Class 3

D4969 / D4969-17     PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Types

  • Type I           Premium                    L11-Series
  • Type II          Standard                   L10-Series
  • Type III         Mechanical               L12-Series
  • Type IV         Porous                     L17-Series
  • Type V          Tear Resistant         L13-Series
  • Type VI         Conductive              L14-Series


General Electric

Grumman Standard

Hamilton Standard

Honeywell/Allied Signal

Lockheed Martin

Marshall Space Flight Center

Martin Marietta

McDonnell Douglas

  • STM0850-01             R753-18

National Stock Number



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